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Rob Miles presents .NET Gadgeteer Lecture in Rhyme for Comic Relief

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Rob Miles RND

Quick to jump on blogging about Rob Miles’ annual “Lecture in Rhyme”, this years event saw Rob give a lecture on .NET Gadgeteer. Rob set out to raise £1000 before the event.
Unfortunately he fell short by £300 which means we didn’t get to see him in his Tutu which he was going to wear if he reached his target but instead you can look at this poorly created image with Robs face on a ballerina.


I went along to support Rob and have a laugh as that is what Comic Relief and Red Nose Day is all about! As I already develop with .NET Gadgeteer and Micro Framework, I didn’t learn anything new but even with Rob’s great rhyming he gave a very interesting and fun lecture on playing with .NET Gadgeteer.

As always with Rob’s lecturers where he gives a demo, it didn’t work. He even forgot to bring his button module with him and someone in the audience told him to use a button on his bright red jacket which Rob then went on to explain the overloading of the word button in the English language.

I believe the lecture slides will be available over at http://www.robmiles.com (yay) very soon, and there will also be a video up of the entire lecture soon which was videoed by Simon Grey.


One of the cool things Rob did to get more sponsors with this event was to get people to pay £2 for an RFID key ring which you could then scan on his .NET Gadgeteer powered “Door of Mystery” which is an RFID scanning tool which would tell you the number of your key ring and take your picture and save it to an SD card. Thankfully, I scanned my key before Rob introduced the camera so I never got my picture taken which I’m sure will end up online at some point.

At the event, Rob then got the device to pick a winner to win a .NET Gadgeteer kit which I assume he did using some form of random number generator which seems the simplest option.


And here is the man himself at the end of his amazing Lecture in Rhyme wearing his red blazer jacket which he has worn every Lecture in Rhyme event since I have been at the university so I assume he’s worn it before that too!


Thanks a lot to Rob for an amazing lecture. I hope by the end of the day you manage to get to your target! If you do, you will have to show us this tutu you promised.

You can still donate to Rob Miles here: https://my.rednoseday.com/sponsor/robmiles. All the donations go towards helping children in Africa and the UK. You can also catch the Red Nose Day event on BBC1 tonight at 7pm.

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