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Playing with .NET Gadgeteer

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Quick Gadgeteer Test

I went to see Rob today and he loaned out one of the .NET Gadgeteer kits that he was allowing students to play with over the summer. Well I don’t have much of a summer so this is going to be a spare time project. Getting set up was quite easy and it’s not that hard to understand at all. .NET Gadgeteer solutions for Visual Studio give you a nifty interface where you can pull items from a toolbox onto the screen which are the components of the device. You can then link the components to the mainboard which correspond to the real life board. The good thing about this is that the software has been designed to show you where the parts connect to the mainboard! Which means that it is even easier to start building your own Gadgeteer project!

So I looked at the button tutorial which seemed simple enough. You press the button and the light comes on. Simples. So I went on and just connected up the huge LCD touch screen to the board and got the button press to change the background colour which was also very simple. No tutorial needed!

I’m going to develop a project which uses the screen to display information, a camera, a passive ir sensor, network connection and a Windows Phone!

Keep a look out on my blog for more information regarding my project.

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