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Network Server for Camera – More Gadgeteer

By 7th June 2012 No Comments

Can’t really post many pictures for this as I have only had time to develop the server so far and haven’t fully tested it.

Rob lent me a WiFi module for the .NET Gadgeteer kit which I will hopefully be able to use to send the images taken by the camera to th server where it will be stored for viewing on a Windows Phone application which will work as a client to the server! If the WiFi doesn’t work connecting the Gadgeteer kit I will just go back to the Ethernet module.

I’m also going to work on developing a full system where the Windows Phone application can perform settings on the gadgeteer kit either through the Wireless straight to the system or through the server sending commands to the board!

Creating servers is probably one of the best things to come out of second year, and at least I can develop it how I want and have my very own user friendly server rather than getting told it shouldn’t be and changing it to show stupid commands. I don’t care if people think servers should us a set list of commands to display on screen, mine is going to tell me all the things I really want to know.

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