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.NET Gadgeteer Development – First Impressions

By 30th May 2012 No Comments

I posted earlier about getting my hands on a Gadgeteer device and a few modules to play with from Rob. Well I’ve been playing around for most of the day and would like to just post a quick follow up. I started a project today which is basically going to be one of those security systems like you would have as a child when you got those spy kits. Yeah I’m still that little child inside, so I decided to program my own and it’s more fun than just buying one!

When you install the Gadgeteer development kit you get this brilliant interface where you can drag and drop your modules and link them up to the available pins on the Mainboard.

This makes it a lot easier to just get straight on with the programming. The environment is intelligent enough to tell you where the modules can be plugged into your board too, even though most of them are clearly labelled to allow you to find where you can connect them.

Obviously I’ve just set up the basics for my system to get it taking pictures when the sensor is tripped. It seems to be working just fine for now, although it does seem VERY sensitive but I will work on sorting all of that out later on. The camera module is pretty good, apart from it takes a while to process big images. I don’t know why this is, I’m guessing it’s not actually the camera, but it’s not fast enough to provide enough images per second to produce a video like stream. But it’s good enough for now.

I’m going to set up so that when a picture is taken the files are hosted on a web server (shouldn’t be too hard after doing it for my 08249 project) so that a user can view them. The web server will be password protected so that only the set up user can access them. I’m also thinking of creating a Windows Phone application which will also be able to access the files in app. But it would also be good if I could send a command from the app to take pictures using it. It would be better if I could make it more like a video stream and use a WiFi module to connect the two devices together over a server but I think it may prove difficult!

Well I will be posting more updates on my progress so check back!

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