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Playing with the .NET Gadgeteer Bluetooth Module

By 9th January 2013 No Comments

Bluetooth Connection to Windows Phone

I’ve been wanting to get back into .NET Gadgeteer development for a while and I’ve finally got a little time where I’m not constantly working so I can do some of my own development. I went to see Rob to ask if he would like his .NET Gadgeteer kit back but instead I ended up leaving with a new module to play with. This time it’s a Bluetooth module!

I’ve found it quite hard to get the Sytech board working with GHI Electronics modules, but I managed to set up the Bluetooth module and get it working. I don’t know exactly what I will do with it yet, but I’ve had a play and got my Windows Phone connecting to the .NET Gadgeteer kit. Now to see if I can get the two sending messages between each other.

It also seems that Sytech are quite behind with the version of .NET Micro Framework. It seems the NANO main board only works with .NET Micro Framework 4.1 where the GHI boards seem to be able to run 4.2. Hopefully there will be a firmware update soon, otherwise I will switch to a GHI .NET Gadgeteer kit.

Police Lights!

Police Lights flashing away on the Bluetooth module.

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