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Adding more to my .NET Gadgeteer project!

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I realised that the other day when I posted saying that the colour of the camera was black and white, I was wrong. It was just because of the room I was in… silly me.

Not shown here, but I have a menu system on the LCD screen which allows the main user of the device to set up if they want a “like video” stream which takes images every few seconds. With the Sytech camera I can’t find a way to stream, so this is as close as I can get. I’ve also added the Ethernet/SD module which I will use to host the pics and stuff on a web server. At the moment though, when the sensor is tripped, it takes a picture and saves it onto the SD card if it is present. If the SD card isn’t plugged in, there is an on screen message telling you that you need to insert a MicroSD card.

The reason for not having the camera image on the screen fullscreen is so that I can have buttons to the side of it which will allow the user to change settings and maybe have options for the network which will tell you if it’s connected and where it is being hosted. When the menu system is finished I will get some pictures up and show it off.


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