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ThreeThingGame and Platform Expos

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As many of the University of Hull computer science students will be very much aware of, Rob Miles’ Three Thing Game 24 hour development competition has started today. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend this event which is a shame as I always enjoy the challenge. I will more than likely be entering next year. The team that I develop with attended last semesters Halloween Three Thing Game competition but I have gone home to Skegness to spend the weekend with my family.

As always, the games are going to be awesome and prizes will be given out at this years Platform Expos which is taking place today and tomorrow at the university. As a second year computer science student, I am really pleased to see the turnout of first year development teams emerging. Although many of them will be creating their first applications with XNA, it is a great starting point for the teams to develop for Windows Phone and get their applications on the marketplace.

There seems to be a lot more teams this time around than any of the Three Thing Game events in the past. According to Rob’s blog, 33 teams have registered for this event. Rob normally puts a limit to the number of teams allowed to compete but I guess he has been a little generous this time.

For more information on all the teams developing in this contest, you can check out their sites, blogs and live streams here:

Joe Stead – Kinect Tower Defence (you can also watch their UStream Live Stream here: (Twitter:!/Joe_Stead) – GRANDDAD INVASION: Battle for the Gas Works (Windows Phone 7)  (They also have a live blog here: – GRANDDAD INVASION: Battle for the Gas Works (Windows Phone 7) – No idea (Maybe PS Vita?) (Twitter:!/coxlin)!/search/threethinggame – Twitter Tags for Three Thing Game – All Rob’s Flickr Pics of the events!

Good luck to all the teams competing!


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