Three Thing Game is coming… again!

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It's time for Three Thing Game again!

It’s time for Three Thing Game again!

Ever wondered how difficult it is to design and build a video game in 24 hours under the constraint of three words?

It’s time for the semesterly games development competition held by the Department of Computer Science which pits teams of students against in each other against the clock to develop a game using three words which are auctioned off to them. You’re going to have to think really hard when you end up with a combination like “Heroine, Nick Cage, wearing a tutu”.

Rob Miles holds these competitions every year to give students across the university with a passion for games development, art work or game music the opportunity to work as a team under extreme conditions to produce a working product which will look great on CVs. Winners also end up getting some sweet prizes including mobile phones, video games and one of Rob’s favourites, LEGO. While you’d think the latest tech and gadgets are what Computer Science students are after, we all know it’s the LEGO they are competing for.

Lee Scott from Microsoft and Simon Grey giving out prizes

Lee Scott from Microsoft and Simon Grey giving out prizes

Have I got you interested yet? If not, I’m sure that the idea of your game being on display to thousands of members of the public might. The top 6 winning games that come out of the competition will have two weeks after the competition to get them polished up, along with the experts at Platform Studios, and will have them on display for thousands of the public and companies that will be attending the Platform Expos event in November!

Not confident as a games developer but want to give it a go? Great! Rob will be putting on some of his famous “Rather Useful Seminar” sessions on the 30th of October at 1:15 in Robert Blackburn Lecture Theatre D which will get you up to speed with developing games in XNA. He may even lend you a copy of his published XNA book.

What more can I say? Get your team together and get registered for Three Thing Game now! You can grab a registration form here: You’ll need to get your forms in to Rob Miles by the 25th October and you’ll find his office on the third floor of the Robert Blackburn building. If you’re an art student and are interested in getting into the games scene, then get in touch with Rob to help out at the event!

Don’t forget to bring £2 for each of your team members too so you can get free Domino’s pizza (there’s plenty to go around!) and other delicious goodies throughout the event! You can’t have a Computer Science event without pizza and coke. Also be prepared for a night of students fuelled on energy drinks and Doritos, an experience you will never forget!

The event will be held from 7pm on the 1st November to 8pm on the 2nd. If you want more information about the Three Thing Game event, you can either contact Rob Miles or visit the site:

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