Three Thing Game is coming… again!

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As many of you will know by now, Rob Miles puts on a Three Thing Game development competition twice through an academic year and it is about time for the second to roll up.

Well Rob has just announced on his blog that it is indeed coming and you’ll be happy to know that it is after the stress of coursework and exams are over! Get your diaries out and jot down on Thursday 12th of June that you will be attending Three Thing Game.

As well as jotting it down, don’t forget to actually get your team together and sign up! If you head over to Rob’s blog post by clicking here, you’ll be able to download the registration form and get signed up. You’ll need to take your forms into his office with 200 pennies or 2 pound if you want to be sensible so you’re guaranteed some pizza. Don’t wait to long to do it either because it seems that the numbers for Three Thing Game keep rising over the past 4 years I’ve been here and while Fenner’s super lab is quite large, it isn’t that large when you consider you’re coming in teams. You’ve got until the 10th of June to hand in your forms but its best to get them in as early as possible.

Included in your £2, you will also have access to the Summer Bash which also happens every year around the same time on Thursday evening. Great for if you want to take a break from working on your games which will have all sorts of games going on either via console or maybe even board games.

More info

If you’re signing up, here is a little agenda for you that will come in handy.

  • 1pm Thursday 12th June – Three Thing Auction in Robert Blackburn LTA
  • 3pm Thursday 12th June – Competition starts in Fenner Super Lab
  • 5pm Friday 13th June – Judging begins in Robert Blackburn LTA
  • 6pm Friday 13th June – Competition ends

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