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Imagine Cup 2013

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Imagine Cup Russia 2013

I have wanted to take part in Imagine Cup for quite some time now but it never seemed like it was something that I would be particularly good at, especially in my last two years at University when you’re still learning all sorts of areas of software development. So, I will be taking part in Imagine Cup 2013 which is being hosted in Russia this year! I thought that if I don’t give it a go then I will never know what to expect. Plus it will give me a boost to want to do it again next year too!

As well as registering for the core Innovation competition, I have also completed a qualifying quiz for Windows Phone which basically asked me questions on the hardware and SDK which I think I did rather well with although some of the questions were so weirdly questioned and the answers to them threw me off. But I managed to get 26/30 which the site told me I was “ranked 46 out of 1010 respondents”.

I already have ideas in mind as to what I want to be working on for the competition and will be taking full advantage of the new technology that has come from Microsoft. Hopefully it will all be worth it! I will also be blogging more while I work on my project so check back and find out more about how I am doing.

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