Personal development catchup – March 2013

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Although most people will not be that bothered about what I’m currently doing or working on, I thought I would share with you what I have been up to in the past few weeks.

Lets get to listing:

The Hullfire

  • I’ve actually been writing articles for the Hullfire this year. I have wrote two articles so far for the Music section which you can read online (they aren’t that great and it is quite hard to review music in around 100 words: Best Friends and Hospital Beds – Funeral for a Friend & ¡DOS! – Green Day
  • I have also been quite heavily involved with updating The Hullfire website due to the White Rose Varsity sports event between York and Hull and the HUU Elections. I have had to design two new themes for the two pages, as well as a new theme for the new technology section which you can read here:
  • I will also be updating the Hullfire Windows Phone application to add the new section as well as getting The Guide and Hullfire’s twitter integrated into the application.


  • A few months back, I was approached by HUUTV after my work with The Hullfire to design them a new website. I am currently working with them to get together a new site which is currently being worked on and hopefully getting HUUTV back online before the end of the academic year.

Imagine Cup

  • As people may know, I’m competing in Imagine Cup 2013. I currently have everything working, but I need to add some more functionality to the Windows Phone 8 application which connects to the .NET Gadgeteer device so that I can make the core functionality to provide health related exercises and the Gadgeteer kit being the “icing on the cake” as Rob kept saying. You can read more about my project soon in my portfolio.

Final Year Project

  • I will be returning to education in September for my final year at the University of Hull. I finish working at Seed Software around June so I get a long summer to just relax and get myself out of job mode and back into student mode which still consists of me coding rather than playing games as quite a lot of other people would probably do. Returning to education means that I had to pick my final year project ideas, and rather than choosing from the preset list provided by ideas from the lecturers in the department, I thought I would benefit more from proposing my own idea. Not only does this show that I have the imagination to bring to life a new project, but it will also show my level of technical ability for the career path that I am choosing. My project is going to consist of .NET Gadgeteer, MVC, Windows Azure, Windows Phone 8, Kinect and a lot of research. It sounds like more of a developer project, but I hope to get more out of it than just that.

My Website

  • My website is having a bit of a face lift and I’m getting everything to look nice. Some of my portfolio pages are all over the place with most not even having screenshots or pictures or even download links to get the apps from the store because I have been so busy. I am going with my favourite colour scheme from the Windows Phone themes and doing a general make over to my site.

App Development

  • I am still working on updating all my applications. Ages back, I wrote an article about me losing all of my solutions for my Windows Phone apps because I didn’t back them up. Well I am going to re-do all of them over the summer holidays. I think that if I work in an agile way, I should be able to do regular releases and get everything back on track.
  • Another note, I have over 14,000 app downloads which is quite impressive to say I only have 2 games on the marketplace and they aren’t the apps with the most downloads!
  • I also hope to get more apps on the Windows 8 marketplace. I have been meaning to get my “unfinished” apps ready and up but I have just been so caught up with Seed and other projects that I haven’t had time to get things done. Hopefully returning to education next year will give me a little more “me time” to get things done.

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