Controversial programming opinions most programmers agree on

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I was doing my daily Reddit reading before work today when I came across a post which read 20 Controversial Programming Opinions. As I was going through the list, I could probably agree with most of the answers which were to the question “What’s your most controversial programming opinion?”.

The first one on the list is definitely one that I would tell other people who programmed, “Programmers who don’t code in their spare time for fun will never become as good as those that do”. Well I can’t really compare my programming abilities to others, but I do think that programmers should create their own projects in their own time. It’s even better for students as we get holidays which is the perfect time to develop a game or piece of software that you want to do rather than the coursework which you’ve done throughout the previous academic year. Also it stops you having a boring holiday and keeps the programming ability fresh in your head when you come back at the end of September.

Another is “If you only know one language, no matter how well you know it, you’re not a great programmer”. In some ways I agree with this, but I do disagree with the fact it makes you a great programmer. It’s always nice to be able to know a little about other programming languages. It’s even better for mobile developers as each phone OS uses a different language. I don’t know how other universities work, but at ours you get taught C# in your first year, and then C++ in your second. It gives students the choice of the path they might want to take. It’s obvious that for games you need to know C++ if you’re wanting to make something good, although XNA is brilliant for C# developers. I would recommend anyone trying to learn multiple languages to take up mobile development because it’s one of the easiest ways to learn in my opinion. I don’t think I could ever use Java for anything other than Android development as I don’t see it useful for anything else, but like the title of this post, it’s my opinion. I’m actually quite curious as to what other opinions programmers have. It’s quite interesting that every programmer has their own opinion on the things they do. Like in the post, point 1 and point 17 contradict each other. One programmer thinks that you should have fun with programming, where as the other thinks that it’s just a job and you should spend more time with friends and family. It’s definitely something to think about…

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