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Developer update on Wordbuzz for Windows Phone

By 7th July 2012 No Comments
Wordbuzz (Windows Phone Update)

Wordbuzz for Windows Phone

A few weeks back I posted about a new update to Wordbuzz (Windows Phone version) and developing the version for Windows 8 too. I’ve been busy recently and haven’t really done much of my own programming for a while, so I thought I would get the new update up to a point where its the same as the old one with all the same features but just has the new UI and the new article structure. Today I pushed the update for both the full version and the lite, with the lite having different trial elements now so to show off what people could get if they by the full version but not letting them use everything.

The app also has Live Tile support. When you view an article in the application, you will be able to see information about this article on your phones home screen. I’m going to add secondary live tile support later on when I’ve made the app a lot better. So users will be allowed to pin something from a certain topic, remove that topic, and still be able to access the article.

I’ve planned in updates for Skydrive integration, but depending on when the Windows Phone 8 SDK is released, I could put the updates on the phone version off for a while. It only makes sense to release the updated version ready for Windows Phone 8 because I’d like to take advantage of any new features they are going to offer. So for now I’m going back to working on the Windows 8 version, which unfortunately is on my laptop which the charger has yet again broken. I’m now considering whether I should start writing it again, or I should just take the hard drive out, get the data off and carry on…

Hopefully the update will be on the marketplace soon. I wouldn’t bother downloading it and trying to use it now because a bug which I discovered has made the application useless and it won’t even download articles so you can download it ready for the update, but it’s not usable at the moment. Be patient, the update is coming…

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