Bing Apps for Windows Phone

Bing Apps for Windows Phone

It took some time but they are now here. When I was going through my daily sweep of the WPCentral application news articles, I noticed that they had posted about Microsoft releasing the Bing apps that are available on all Windows 8 and RT devices. The four apps that you can download now are News, Weather, Finance and Sports.

Merging Windows 8 and Windows Phone

I’ve wanted these apps on Windows Phone for some time now. Unfortunately, I’ve been using Windows 8.1 for some time now and I hope that while working on these, they have also been developing the Bing Health & Fitness and Bing Food & Drink applications for Windows Phone too!

It’s great to see Microsoft start merging Windows 8 and Windows Phone. I believe most lovers of the mobile devices also own a Windows 8 based PC and with Microsoft stating that they are built on the same code base, you’d expect all Windows 8 apps, especially those built by Microsoft, to be available on both platforms.

Looking at the apps themselves, in particular the News application, it’s great to see the team who have ported the apps from Windows 8 to actually keep the UI designs very similar. While the designing of interfaces for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 are completely different, the way that Microsoft have developed these apps make them work perfectly on both platforms. The News app also has the option to have breaking news notifications like you get in Windows 8.

The Weather app is also pretty great. I haven’t found a weather app that I like or even want to keep on my Nokia Lumia 920, but I think that I will stick with the Bing app! If you’ve used the Weather app in Windows 8, you will know how simple it is. Well that design has been carried across to the mobile version.

While I’m not a big fan of either sport or financial information, these apps are also great ports from Windows 8. The Sports app seems to have all the same features of its Windows 8 counterpart with adding your favourite teams and pinning them to your home screen. You can also read sporting news and see upcoming games.

All of these apps come with Live Tile support ready to brighten up your home screen and bring it to life. I quite enjoy apps that actually have Live Tile support and update regularly. One thing that has disappointed me about the applications however is that they aren’t synchronised with Windows 8 (as far as I’m aware). When I opened up the Sports application, it didn’t have all the favourites that I have added in the Windows 8 version. That aside, these are great apps for the Windows Phone marketplace and are the start in what seems to be the merge between Windows Phone and Windows 8.

The Bing apps are now joining the group of Windows 8 apps being ported to Windows Phone which includes FreshPaint.

You can download the Bing apps for your Windows Phone device now here:

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