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The Hullfire on Windows Phone 8 v1.3 update available

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The Hullfire Article Reader

The Hullfire Article Reader

After finishing my Imagine Cup entry, I’ve gained back a lot of time. Enough time to even update The Hullfire application for Windows Phone. I will admit that I accidentally didn’t upload the Windows Phone 7 version when I submitted the 1.3 update for the application and while an update is being processed you can’t submit another so I will be uploading the Windows Phone 7 update soon I promise.

There are some major changes to the application. I’ve completely changed the user interface. Here are some screenshots from the last update compared with this update:

The Hullfire v1.2 – Article Viewer

This is the article viewer from the last update. The featured picture at the top of this article is the article viewer in the latest update. Previously you could only read a single article and had to back out after reading to read the next one.

In this update you don’t need to do this, just swipe to the left or right to read the next article in the category you’re reading from! Article titles are also now customised to the category colours as well as letting you know when the article was posted using my own fuzzy date implementation. This means that you will see how many minutes, hours, days or months ago the article was published and not just the date and time.

The Hullfire v1.2 – Home screen

Another radical change to the user interface includes the home screen. Before the application was very basic with a list of the featured articles and a list of categories. When you clicked a category it would bring up a list of the articles in that category. When you clicked an article it would load into the reader. Well the home screen has been updated with hub live tiles which have the featured article images.

Featured articles

Featured articles

There are also hub live tiles for each category. When you pick a category, the application will take you straight into the reader and load the most recent article. You can then swipe left and right to read articles from the last two months.

Category hub tiles

Category hub tiles

Another feature not available before in The Hullfire application is to read the newspaper on your phone. The paper will download to your mobile phone as a PDF and will open up in the reader on your phone. The application will always get the latest paper that is available from Issuu. Unfortunately Issuu doesn’t have a reader that works well on Windows Phone devices and couldn’t be implemented into the application. This is something that I will look into and find ways to integrate the newspaper into the application.

I’ve also implemented a new live tile. Using the pictures from the featured articles, I’ve brought a new life to the Windows Phone homescreen with a cyclic live tile. I’m still in two minds to if its as good as the tile which provides some information. Tell me what you think. I’m always open to suggestions for updates!

You can get the latest application from the Windows Phone marketplace now! Click here to download:

Or alternatively, scan this QR using Bing Vision on your Windows Phone and get taken straight to the app in the marketplace

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