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Introducting The Hullfire news app for Windows and Windows Phone

By 20th November 2012 One Comment
The Hullfire - Windows 8 Splash

The Hullfire – Windows 8 Splash

With the little extra time that I have for myself, I have been developing Windows 8 and Windows Phone applications for The Hullfire much like most newspapers have. I have them both up to points where I can possibly release them and will be doing some testing this week, possibly tomorrow (Wednesday).

The applications grab the information from The Hullfire website and display them in the Windows User Interface style which I’m going to call “Metro” so that everyone knows that I’m on about.  I’ve also included offline reading to the apps which means that after the first time the application has synchronised online, the content will be stored locally on the device for you to read even when you’re about without an internet connection!

The Hullfire - Windows 8 Live Tiles

The Hullfire – Windows 8 Live Tiles

Live tiles. Live tiles everywhere. The applications have the ability to pin your favourite news articles or pin your favourite news section. The main tile will show you some of the latest featured news by scrolling through a few.

The Hullfire - Windows Phone Live Tiles

The Hullfire – Windows Phone Live Tiles

Sharing is the next big feature. If you’ve been on The Hullfire’s website you will have noticed that you can share articles with social media as well as by e-mail. Well these features will also be available for you to use. In Windows 8, this feature will be in the Charms menu when you are on the application itself, and in the application bar at the bottom of the screen on a Windows Phone device.

You also have the ability as a user to search for articles through the Charms menu on your Windows 8 device.

Another feature that’s been added is “The Guide” which is a pullout section in the newspaper  This will allow the user to find an event that they are interested in and quickly save it to their device calendar.  Also I’ve added the finishing touches to the UI by including the news section colours to the apps making them feel more like the paper and the online site.

More information on the apps will be available when they have been submitted to the marketplace and both will be free to download on all Windows 8 desktops, laptops, and tablets as well as Windows Phone devices!

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