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Windows Phone Marketplace

Windows Phone Marketplace

I got bored the other day when I was browsing the internet, so I decided to search Google for the names of my windows phone apps to see where they would show up in the rankings (I know, I’m that sad…

Well while I was doing this I came across a page/blog post on WPApplications on my Magic The Gathering Card Price Checking application which uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to search for card prices on the internet by reading the name off the card using the phones camera. Although the website looks a little small time etc, I was quite surprised to find that someone had taken the time to purchase the application and give a little review on it.

The review reads:

Online games take the place of the most popular game kind around the world. In the middle of crowded online game market, the MTG or Magic: The Gathering is famous among the community of gamers. The game allows the users to trade the card game and the market for this trading is surprisingly advantageous for the practitioners. Therefore, the owners of the card need to know the real value of the MTG card they possess.

Now, you do not need to refer to the online and complicated resource to check the price of the MTG card you have. The MTG Card Checker is now available as a low price application for Windows Phone 7. This is the first application that gives the facility of MTG card value checking. The MTG Card Checker will help you input your cards name or search your desired card in the giant database of Magic cards shared on the internet. It will instantly show the value of your card in the market of Magic card. The application works quickly to search the cards’ value from the database of the It is the largest database of MTG cards you can found. As the result, complete information about the cards will be delivered. You will receive the highest and the lowest price of your card in dollar. This way, you can decide to trade your card or not.

Playing MTG and trading the MTG cards are some people’s important things to do. The application facilitates and helps the players more than they know it. With partial search cards feature, you can specify what you are looking for. Simple application to help you trading your cards; it is just what you need. Small price, huge advantage; it is even better.

Reading a review on someones website, which is more than the quick line that you get from reviews on the actual marketplace, made me feel quite impressed. Although not with the application as I haven’t gotten around to updating it with UK pricing and updated the UI at all. Thankfully this is one of the few applications that I have a little source code lying around for as I was building the application for Windows 8 and have managed to lose all my projects thanks to a certain external hard drive playing up!

I promised in a post a few weeks back that I would update all of my Windows Phone applications and I will keep to it. I hope that I will be able to get all back up to a point that they are on the marketplace. One good thing to come out of this is that I don’t have to re factor my code, but I do have to start from scratch which is quite a downer. I will learn in the future.

I am quite looking forward to getting back into doing my personal app development as I seem to just not have time even in the 16 average hours I have in a day (16 hours is the time that I’m awake for on average). Obviously I probably spend between 8-9 hours of those at work on weekdays and I tend to go places with my girlfriend on the weekends or we have trips to the theatre after work during the week. But never mind, I will get back to doing my own development at some point!


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