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Rowi – Windows Phone Twitter Client

By 26th May 2012 No Comments

So I’m fed up with how slow the official Twitter app is and there is just something about it that I don’t like but I can’t put my finger on it. I came across this app called Rowi which is just a twitter client. The app has been made to seem exactly like twitter rather than just being a text feed.

Once you’ve logged in it shows you your timeline. It’s awesome. It has the twitterer’s avatar and name displayed very much like the twitter app. It shows a retweeted tweet clearly like twitter. It’s just…. simple and I like it.

When you want to reply or what not to a twitter post, you can tap on it and you get a very nice menu load up which you can slide across the screen to see all the options. It’s very Metro which is another thing that I like.

Posts with links in them also show a little preview image next to the twitter post which is amazing. You can just tap straight on the pic and it takes you to the link.

I definitely recommend this app. I like having a twitter app on my phone even though it has the in-built social networking.

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