There are some great official and third-party apps showing up on the Windows Phone marketplace recently making it a great platform to compete against iOS and Android. According to Microsoft via Forbes, “Windows Phone 8 app downloads have doubled and revenue up 140%” which is awesome news. It means that more people are taking Microsoft and Windows Phone seriously as a competitor in the mobile market.

Personally, I don’t use apps that much and really only have a smart phone to keep connected to the internet. Its handy when you’re out and you need to search for something quickly, get in touch with your friends through Skype or Facebook or maybe grab a quick picture and upload it to Twitter. However, I have grown to really like some of the apps available on the Windows Phone 8 marketplace (some apps may also be available for Windows Phone 7).


So many people complain that Instagram isn’t on Windows Phone and although there is rumour of the app coming to the phone, who actually cares? Is it really that great? Let me know in the comments below reasons why I should be excited for Instagram.


There are still some great camera apps on Windows Phone though. Introducing Camera360. This app just oozes brilliance. I don’t think I’ve seen such an amazing application. Unlike most camera apps which just use the camera and add a few filters, this app has its own camera interface on-screen. The camera button you seen on the screen, that slides around so you can choose a setting for your shots like you can on most digital cameras. It also has its own built-in picture viewer so you don’t have to go into the Photos app on your phone. You can even publish straight to your favourite social networks once you’ve taken the picture including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Evernote and more!

It’s a great camera app for your Windows Phone 8 device so check it out:

Facebook Beta

Facebook Beta

I’ve heard so many people complaining recently that the Facebook Beta application for Windows Phone has taken away from the design specification from Microsoft and looks too much like the iOS and Android versions. Well although it may look like them, it is a huge improvement to the Facebook app already on the marketplace. Plus it still looks different to the other OS’, it’s just taken on the look that Facebook have used for their apps on the other two devices.

The app integrates into your lock screen if you wish, push notifications, live tiles and the notifications on the lock screen. When you load the app up, you get the screen shown in the middle with your feed. You can then swipe left or right to get your menu or chat up. It’s a huge improvement over the last app so stop complaining and love it.

You can get the app here:

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Angry Birds seems to be something that has gradually died out although it is still a fun little game to play. You can now finally get the latest levels and updates that are on the iOS and Android versions of the application which is great. Problem is for all those who bought the original Angry Birds for Windows Phone, well you’re going to have to get it again…

Great news though is the app is free on Windows Phone until May 15th so if you’re quick enough, grab it now!

Download for Windows Phone 8:

Download for Windows Phone 7:



When Maluuba was first released, I wrote a little review about the app. It was great then and it is still great now. From their blog it seems like they will be putting some great new features into it. As a quick overview of the app, it is a better version of Siri for your Windows Phone or Android device. It has some great built-in features and combined with the speech functionality, it makes Maluuba the perfect assistant application.



So many people go on about how the third-party Twitter apps are so great, but recent updates to the official Twitter app have made it look and feel great. If you use alternative apps like Rowi, I think you should stop and give the official app another go.

Zombie, Run!

Zombies Run

As part of my get fit scheme, I’ve been using an app on my Nokia Lumia 920 called Total C25K or Total Couch to 5K ( which is great. It lets you know when to run/walk to get you from being a lazy guy like me, to a 5K runner in 9 weeks. It’s working great. But what am I going to do once I’ve finished that?

Running from Zombies… Yeah you heard that right. I’m going to use this awesome running application/game which gets you running from Zombies. While you run the app tells you a story and along the way you start picking up items and such. You do missions and build up a little area of survivors. I’ve used the trial for this app before and it was great. I will definitely be doing some Zombie running during the summer holidays. Great way to have fun and keep fit at the same time.

You can get the app here while it is on offer:

Foursquare (Official)


Foursquare Update

Foursquare Update

The latest update from Foursquare to their Windows Phone application is absolutely fantastic. It’s great to see developers putting the effort into UI design. This application is great and I feel it is a lot better than any third party Foursquare apps on the marketplace!

Get the update for your Windows Phone now:


Share some cool apps you have on your Windows Phone. Everyone who reads my blog would love to know what you favourite apps are and suggest some to me. If you’ve developed an app, give me a shout and I will review it. I’ve been a beta tester for many apps on the Windows Phone marketplace including the Baconit Reddit client. I will happily test and review your apps.

I’m also probably going to do another one of these for Windows 8 store apps so keep a look out!

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