Last week I reviewed some great apps to have on your Windows Phone device and have come back with a little list of apps that I’m quite liking on the Windows 8 store.

Like Windows Phone, there are some great official and third-party applications that are showing up on the store. Although not as many apps as the Windows Phone marketplace, the apps that are available for Windows 8 are great. It’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality.

Since getting my Windows 8 tablet, I’ve discovered that I spend a lot more time in the Start Menu and interacting with the apps. This has also got me using the Start Menu more often with my desktop PC. So let’s talk about these apps that I am liking on the store now.


Social NV

SocialNV – Source: Windows Store

SocialNV is a great Facebook application for Windows 8. You’re probably looking at that screenshot and going “That doesn’t look like Facebook”. That’s right too. It doesn’t look anything like Facebook. The designers of SocialNV have definitely taken the Modern UI and created this fantastic application worthy of a place on the Windows Store. I must say, when I first saw it on the marketplace and flicked through the screenshots, I didn’t think it was for Facebook at all.

Even the way that you comment on posts, look at fan pages and even your notifications is just amazing. The design of this application is just wow. It’s really hard to come up with anything brilliant to say because it just is fantastic.

Take a look at this app on the Windows Store:


Twitter - Source: Windows Store

Twitter – Source: Windows Store

Twitter have aligned their Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps so that they look and function exactly the same. I haven’t really looked at any of the third-party Windows 8 apps because the official Twitter application has everything I could need. If you are still using third-party Twitter apps, just go and take a look at the official application on the Windows Store.

You can grab the download here:

Nokia Music

Nokia Music - Source: Windows Store

Nokia Music – Source: Windows Store

Now I do still use the Xbox Music application more than I do Nokia Music, as I do the same on my Nokia Lumia 920, but it’s great to see the Nokia Music application make its way to the Windows Store. Another great application with perfect UI design. It works exactly the same as the Windows Phone version of the application. I’m liking developers who are aligning their Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps. It makes them easier to use and you get a sense about what you’re doing.

Also like the Nokia Music app for Windows Phone, the app ties into your Music library on your Windows 8 device so you can get all of your music imported too making this application an all round winner for me.

Seeing the Nokia Music app on the store is making me hope that Nokia are actually working on a Nokia Windows 8 device… –

If you want to get this app for your device, you can download it here:


OneNote - Source: Windows Store

OneNote – Source: Windows Store

The OneNote application for Windows 8 is great. It’s a shame you can’t get the entire Office suite for free. However, OneNote is great in Windows 8. It offers most, if not all, of the features that you get in the standard OneNote that comes with the Office suite. The best part about OneNote is that it’s great for a student like me to take notes for the modules that I study at university.

It also interacts with SkyDrive which is perfect. Usually when I’m out, I don’t carry around my Windows 8 tablet with me, however through OneNote on my Windows Phone device I can quickly jot down a name of a book, game or whatever I want so that when I get home I can boot up my Windows 8 tablet and access those notes instantly thanks to SkyDrive.

I think OneNote is an essential app for your Windows 8 device, so if you haven’t already got it you can download it here:


Although this list is considerably shorter than that on the Windows Phone review, this is because I’ve only recently been hunting the Windows Store for apps for my tablet. So, if you have an app you’ve developed for Windows 8 and you’d like me to give it a try let me know in the comments section below and give a link to the app in the Windows Store to let not only me but other readers find your apps! Also just recommend an app you use or let me know if there are better apps on the store that I should look for.

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