14th December 2016

What’s new in WinUX update 2.3

As part of WinUX update 2.3, improvements have been made to the WindowHelper to make it easier to create and manage secondary windows for your UWP application. If you've not…
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Universal Windows Dev
15th September 2013

How to: Understanding the use of Item Models in a Windows Phone app

In this episode, I go through settings up an item model for your application to which you can bind to using the MVVM pattern. This is basic and core functionality…
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28th June 2013

First impressions of the Windows 8.1 Preview

Windows 8.1 Preview Beta Fish Taking a look at the new features in Windows 8.1 Preview! Get ready for something exciting Windows 7 & 8 lovers, the start button is…
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Universal Windows Dev
27th February 2013

Review: Maluuba for Windows Phone 8

I hopped on by to the Windows Phone blogs over at and stumbled across a post by Michael Stroh about a new voice-activated personal assistant for Windows Phone 8. Now…
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