5th March 2016

Gotchas in porting Windows 8.1 apps to the Universal Windows Platform

As the Windows 10 OS has matured over the last year, businesses are looking to finally bring their applications over from Windows 8.1 to the new Universal Windows Platform and…
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Halo Spartan Assault
Video Games
19th July 2013

Jump into the world of Halo in Spartan Assault on Windows

I've always been a fan of the Halo game series and Halo Spartan Assault is another great one to add to the collection. As of today, Spartan Assault is available…
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27th April 2013

Purchased my first Windows tablet, an Acer W500

Acer Iconia I went and bought myself an Acer Iconia Windows tablet and I must say, I'm glad I got it. I bought the tablet off eBay so I got…
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