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8th March 2016

Storing a UWP InkCanvas drawing as an image in a StorageFile

I've been tackling with an issue this morning to store the drawing on an InkCanvas as an image in a StorageFile. After hunting online for possible resolutions, I came across…
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5th March 2016

Gotchas in porting Windows 8.1 apps to the Universal Windows Platform

As the Windows 10 OS has matured over the last year, businesses are looking to finally bring their applications over from Windows 8.1 to the new Universal Windows Platform and…
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Windows 10 Store Options
How To
7th February 2016

How to: Hide your Windows 8.1 app from the Windows 10 Store

This is a question that has come up on numerous occasions when developers have found issues with their Windows 8.1 apps when they run them on a Windows 10 PC…
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2nd February 2016

Helping UWP developers with sample apps

Over the last few years, I've been developing Windows applications for public and private consumption providing unique app experience throughout. This sparked an idea to provide a collection of sample…
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10th January 2016

Playing with scrolling parallax effects on UI elements in Windows 10 UWP apps

I mentioned recently in my 'Daily Life of a Developer' series that I've been working on some old project ideas that have been stuck on my backlog of things to…
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Windows 10 Jumplist
How To
11th November 2015

Developing for Windows 10 – Implementing jump lists

Jump lists have been a part of classic Windows apps for years giving you the ability to jump back into areas of those apps where you left off or perform…
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Windows 10 Family
9th May 2015

Windows 10 to be the ‘last version of Windows’

At the Microsoft Ignite conference, I visited one of the talks that Jerry Nixon and Christine Matheney, Microsoft Developer Evangelists, were giving on Live Tiles and Notifications in Windows 10.…
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