Windows 10 Family
23rd March 2015

Developers can get their hands on the Windows 10 Preview SDK

If you're as excited to get your hands on the development tools for the new Windows 10 platform, which will focus on bringing universal Windows applications to desktop, tablet, phone…
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How To
19th March 2015

How to: Get your apps Cortana ready

Cortana is now at the center of Windows Phone user's day-to-day lives and as we see more integration with Microsoft's other platforms, its going to be essential for developers to…
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How To
17th January 2015

How to implement local storage in universal Windows apps

Those unfamiliar to Windows Store development will be both confused and relieved by the implementation of local storage in universal Windows apps. (more…)
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Windows Apps On All Devices
How To
4th January 2015

How to use behaviors to bind to events on non-MVVM friendly controls

In this short tutorial on using the Behaviors SDK in your Windows Phone 8.1 application, I'm going to show you how you can quickly bring your app up to scratch…
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Windows Phone 8.1
How To
3rd January 2015

How to: Check for updates within your universal Windows Phone app

The Windows Phone store allows for automatic installation of updates as they become available but not all users want to allow their mobile device to update apps, especially if they…
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Q&A - Flyouts
How To
18th December 2014

How to: Implement flyouts in universal Windows Phone apps

Have you used flyouts in your Windows 8 apps before? Did you know that you can also leverage that code for your universal Windows apps across both platforms? Here’s how.…
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Silverlight to Universal Azure
How To
18th November 2014

How to: Handle Microsoft Azure authentication in universal Windows Phone apps

While not technically a question, a recently new Windows Phone developer asked me why his conversion to the Universal app model wasn't working with his previously working code in Silverlight.…
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Universal Screen Orientation
How To
21st October 2014

How to: Set your screen orientation in a universal Windows Phone app

Windows Phone 8 developers migrating to the universal runtime app model may notice some slight differences in the way that things are implemented. One in particular is screen orientation. (more…)
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One app across multiple devices
20th September 2014

Universal Triggers for Universal Windows Apps

While I'm usually one for releasing apps, this is the first time that I've delved into developing libraries for other people to use. After having started to look at Windows…
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Windows Store Apps
8th August 2013

Windows 8 Bing apps now available on Windows Phone

Bing Apps for Windows Phone It took some time but they are now here. When I was going through my daily sweep of the WPCentral application news articles, I noticed…
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