10th February 2014

Why is Work Experience Important to Computer Science Students?

Following on from last months "Why is blogging important to computer science students", I thought it would be right to discuss some of the other important factors of gaining a…
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3rd October 2013

Time To Get Back To University

On this day, I am officially registered with the University of Hull for another year of study. (more…)
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Seed Software
23rd May 2013

Finishing my internship at Seed Software

Today marked my last day as an intern developer at Seed Software. A lot has happened along the 1 year journey including getting locked in my room and experiencing paintball (I'm sure…
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Game Dev
6th May 2013

Developing a 2D HTML5 Canvas game with Facebook integration

While I've worked at Seed Software, I've gained a liking for web development in all forms. Working on one of their most recent projects, I've been able to work with…
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Imagine Cup
17th April 2013

Reflecting on my Microsoft Imagine Cup entry

With my Imagine Cup entry¬†submitted, I thought that I would write a blog post to reflect on what I have learned from the experience. My entry was a Windows Phone…
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10th March 2013

Personal development catchup – March 2013

Although most people will not be that bothered about what I'm currently doing or working on, I thought I would share with you what I have been up to in…
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Universal Windows Dev
1st March 2013

Playing with NFC tags with Windows Phone

Ooo an NFC tag. I went to see Rob today about my final year project proposal which he seems to think is very good which I'm not that surprised as…
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26th December 2012

Christmas in Skegness!

Like most students I expect, I travelled back home to spend Christmas with my family. I finished work at about 5pm on Friday 21st after staying to try and finish…
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Web Dev
23rd October 2012

How to: Add website CSS rotation for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 10 I personally tend not to care about testing my website with old version of IE (meaning anything below 9). I haven't really liked IE for it's lack…
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Web Dev
19th September 2012

How to: Install the iPhone and iPad website emulators for Visual Studio

iPhone and iPad Web Emulator for Windows As I have mentioned in a previous post about working on updating Seed Software's website, I have also been creating an MVC mobile…
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13th June 2012

Been quite busy recently…

I wish that I had something to post that would show how far I have got with my Gadgeteer project or even Wordbuzz (Windows Phone 7 & Windows 8) but…
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