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26th January 2018

Let’s just copy and paste! – A programming horror story

After recently taking a break from a project that my development team put a lot of time and effort into, coming back to it after another team worked on it…
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30th March 2014

Put your math and coding skills to work with Project Euler

Do you want to be┬áchallenged? Why not try your hands at over 400 mathematics problems that require you to develop an algorithm to solve them! (more…)
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16th October 2013

Importance of being a university student ambassador

Me & Dene demoing Windows Phone & Windows 8 App Dev at Campus Party 2013 As everyone who is a regular reader of my blog posts will probably know by…
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30th August 2012

Controversial programming opinions most programmers agree on

I was doing my daily Reddit reading before work today when I came across a post which read 20 Controversial Programming Opinions. As I was going through the list, I…
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