27th April 2013

Purchased my first Windows tablet, an Acer W500

Acer Iconia I went and bought myself an Acer Iconia Windows tablet and I must say, I'm glad I got it. I bought the tablet off eBay so I got…
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Imagine Cup
17th April 2013

Reflecting on my Microsoft Imagine Cup entry

With my Imagine Cup entry¬†submitted, I thought that I would write a blog post to reflect on what I have learned from the experience. My entry was a Windows Phone…
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Windows Store Apps
20th November 2012

Introducting The Hullfire news app for Windows and Windows Phone

The Hullfire - Windows 8 Splash With the little extra time that I have for myself, I have been developing Windows 8 and Windows Phone applications for The Hullfire much…
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Web Dev
23rd October 2012

How to: Add website CSS rotation for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 10 I personally tend not to care about testing my website with old version of IE (meaning anything below 9). I haven't really liked IE for it's lack…
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Phone Dev
Universal Windows Dev
6th August 2012

Learning to develop for Windows Phone 7

This isn't really a blog post about helping people to get started with development for Windows Phone, but more of an insight into the experiences that I have had as…
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