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7th January 2018

What happened to WinUX?

For those who follow my GitHub projects, you may be aware of a project I created called WinUX, originally codenamed Croft.Core. It is a collection of libraries that were built for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) that allowed developers to take advantage of additional helpers, extensions and controls outside of the core SDK provided by Microsoft.When the project first kicked…
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2nd February 2016

Helping UWP developers with sample apps

Over the last few years, I've been developing Windows applications for public and private consumption providing unique app experience throughout. This sparked an idea to provide a collection of sample…
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17th March 2014

Why it is important to use SCM for your university work

When I started university, there wasn't a focus on us using any form of source control management tools to keep all of our work in one place. Let me discuss…
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18th October 2012

The importance of making backups

Backup Yesterday evening I was searching through my files on my internal hard drives to find my software/app solutions for Visual Studio. After a good search, I thought "Ah. I…
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