Universal Windows Dev
3rd July 2013

How to: Prevent scroll bouncing in Windows Phone HTML5 games

Zombies in Space for Windows Phone I have recently been working on porting my new HTML5 based Windows 8 game, Zombies in Space, to Windows Phone. As HTML5 applications are relatively…
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14th March 2013

Becoming The Hullfire’s Online Editor for next year

Yesterday afternoon I ran for The Hullfire's online editor and I was elected! For the past year, although not being the editor, I have been maintaining the website for Claire the…
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Web Dev
29th October 2012

How to: Change website CSS based on the device OS using JavaScript

CSS can be very cruel sometimes especially when you are targeting different operating systems  running different web browsers and trying to make sure the site looks the same in all. I have…
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Web Dev
23rd October 2012

How to: Add website CSS rotation for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 10 I personally tend not to care about testing my website with old version of IE (meaning anything below 9). I haven't really liked IE for it's lack…
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