How To
24th August 2016

Enabling multi-user input drawing on the UWP InkCanvas

Microsoft introduced the InkCanvas into the Universal Windows Platform as a way of apps leveraging the power of ink with devices like the Surface Pro's and Surface Hub being quite…
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Windows Phone 8.1
How To
3rd January 2015

How to: Check for updates within your universal Windows Phone app

The Windows Phone store allows for automatic installation of updates as they become available but not all users want to allow their mobile device to update apps, especially if they…
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Q&A - Flyouts
How To
18th December 2014

How to: Implement flyouts in universal Windows Phone apps

Have you used flyouts in your Windows 8 apps before? Did you know that you can also leverage that code for your universal Windows apps across both platforms? Here’s how.…
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Kinect for Windows v2
19th October 2014

Enabling custom WPF controls with Kinect for Windows v2

Kinect for Windows V2 is a powerful piece of kit that can allow developers to integrate with both new and existing projects providing a new, natural way of interacting with…
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24th March 2014

From Zero to Hero – How you can learn to code in C# quickly and easily

Are you thinking of studying Computer Science at university or just want to have a go at programming? Well C# is a great starting language for you to have a…
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How To
26th February 2014

How To: Connect a Windows Phone app to Microsoft Azure Mobile Services

In this first ever LIVE episode, I will show you the basics for connecting your Windows Phone application to Windows Azure and transferring data to the back-end SQL storage. (more…)
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6th December 2013

Why Is Blogging Important To Computer Science Students?

Blogging For Fun The other day in one of the Rather Useful Seminars, Richard Adams (@dickyadams) from Microsoft Studios brought up a rather important point on internships and in particular,…
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2nd December 2013

Learn to develop Windows Phone games with this easy to follow book!

Windows Phone 8 Game Development - Marcin Jamro I'm usually not one for developing games for mobile platforms as I prefer to develop applications. However, this semester I took a…
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Universal Windows Dev
15th September 2013

How to: Understanding the use of Item Models in a Windows Phone app

In this episode, I go through settings up an item model for your application to which you can bind to using the MVVM pattern. This is basic and core functionality…
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Universal Windows Dev
20th January 2013

The Hullfire for Windows Phone v1.1

In between working at Seed Software, preparing my Imagine Cup competition entry, blogging, and enjoying the snow, I decided that I would do a quick update for The Hullfire app…
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30th August 2012

Controversial programming opinions most programmers agree on

I was doing my daily Reddit reading before work today when I came across a post which read 20 Controversial Programming Opinions. As I was going through the list, I…
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