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I was taking a break in between doing coursework today and decided that I should update Wordbuzz to fix a few bugs, add a few features and update the interface a bit. I decided today that I was going to make two versions of the app, make the already existing one a paid app for a small payment of just 79 British pennies. I am also releasing a “Lite” version of the app which has all the same features except there are a few adverts here and there and there is a limit to how many topics you can have.

The features I’ve added in the latest update include Context Menus for the news articles in the main list. A context menu on your Windows Phone device are those little drop down lists you get when you press and hold on something. So when you tap an hold an article in the app, you can tap to publish that app to your social networks linked to your phone. Now because I used data binding on my list box which contains a list of buttons with multiple text boxes contained within them, I found it hard to acquire the details from the specific button. Maybe it’s just the way I coded it but I tried everything that I had been taught to try and get the data… but nothing. So I had to get the event sender and do a some object casting. Here’s the snips of code that I used to get the data from the button:

object obj = ((System.Windows.FrameworkElement)(sender)).DataContext;

obj now contains the data from the button, but because it’s an object it also needs to be cast to get the Article information which looks like this:

shareLinkTask.Title = “Wordbuzz Article: ” + ((Wordbuzz.Article)(obj)).Header;

I bet that someone will have an easier solution for me, but this works and I’m happy with it so it’s staying this way… for now.


For anyone that currently uses Wordbuzz, I am sorry if you’ve had lots of “Error” message box pop ups. I initially had it in there for debugging but forgot to take it out. With the new update this problem has been solved, and there should be no more blank articles in the article list. I’ve made sure that articles without at least the header aren’t added.

If you would like to try out Wordbuzz at the moment, it’s full version is currently free on the marketplace but it is very buggy and I’m sure the “Error” message will popup for most users. The update has been submitted to the marketplace so you should see it in the next few days as long as everything goes well!


Download Wordbuzz from your computer
Download Wordbuzz from your Windows Phone Device 


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