Website Design Update

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Website Update

I like keeping things looking fresh, and when I first made my website, I only had my 1680 x 1050 monitor so I designed it to work with that. I thought that now I have a 1920 x 1080 monitor I should probably fill in that white space. So I decided that as well as widening the content on my site that I would also give it a face lift.

I’ve done this by changing the JavaScript and updating the CSS to put a new look on my site. I know that I previously had a mismatch of colours and there were pages left unfinished. Well I’ve added all of the projects which I think should be added into the portfolio and added relevant screenshots and information for each.

The above screenshot is how my website will look soon and I will also be making modifications to my WordPress theme to accommodate new features which have been introduced into WP and Jetpack since I made the theme.

Keep an eye out for the new update!

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James is a .NET developer for Black Marble Ltd. with over 5 years app development experience in Microsoft platforms. He enjoys blogging, helping others learn to code, making YouTube videos, spending time with his girlfriend but most of all, penguins.

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