Packt Publishing offering Buy One Get One Free offer on their 2000 ebook collection

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With the successful launch of Packt Publishing’s 2000th book title ‘Learning Dart’, they have put on a buy one get one free offer that you don’t want to miss out on.

A few months back, I reviewed ‘Windows Phone 8 Game Development’ which contained the fundamentals to developing a game using Direct3D and C++ for the Windows Phone 8 platform. After reviewing the book, I have used the service for my developer needs and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to do so too!

As the title of this post describes, Packt offer over 2000 books in both print and eBook formats meaning that you can easily load these onto your eReader or other device that supports eBooks and read on the go! Great for those developers like me who prefer to read on the screen as well as being able to quickly search for a topic with CTRL+F.

One thing that Packt do well is publish books for everyone meaning that you can join as a beginner and quickly shift to being a professional. They offer development books for all areas of mobile development including games with Unity, cross-platform with Xamarin or native apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and more! If mobile isn’t your scene though, you can pick up books for web development, cloud computing, or game development. If you have a need for a certain book to help you with your progress, Packt will most likely have one for you!

Windows Phone & Windows 8 Essentials

If you are interested in learning to develop for Windows Phone and Windows 8, here are my essential eBooks for you!

So are you interested in getting your hands on some new books, head over to Packt Publishing’s website. You’ll have to be quick though as the offer won’t last forever. Check out their range here:

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