Getting involved with software development challenges!

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Most people will know about development challenges and competition but few actually enter them. Development challenges give you, as a developer, the opportunity to showcase your applications.

There is one such challenge which is currently running which benefits both you and your consumers meaning that you will be receiving downloads in exchange for your consumers getting points towards prizes. This event is Microsoft’s own UK AppChallenge which gives developers a way of getting their Windows Phone or Windows 8 apps seen by users.

If you want to find out more about the UK AppChallenge, check out the information here:

DVLUP by Nokia

Get involved with DVLUP by Nokia

The UK AppChallenge isn’t the only way to get your apps seen though. Nokia also provide a great app development challenged called DVLUP which gives you the chance to develop Windows Phone, Nokia Asha or Nokia X applications for prizes of your own including:

  • MSDN Subscriptions with over 11 terabytes of Microsoft software to download
  • Nokia Lumia devices
  • Wireless Charging Speakers
  • Nokia Purity Headsets
  • Flying lessons
  • App Design consultations
  • Xbox Live subscriptions
  • And more!

Again, if you’re interested in signing up and getting involved with DVLUP, check out the challenge here:

There are many more challenges which keep popping up including app hacks, local challenges, Imagine Cup, and even ones more tailored to what you’re currently working on. You just need to look for them and get yourself signed up.

So, whether you believe you aren’t good enough, get signed up as you have no idea how good you really are until you give it a go! Don’t let the fear of others being better than you put you off your dream of being a great developer.

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