Come on Google. Bring your apps to Windows Phone and Windows 8!

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Why haven’t Google released any apps apart from their search wrapper on Windows Phone or Windows 8? Whether its down to Google being stubborn or Microsoft blocking them from publishing shouldn’t be the issue.

Google can’t expect all of their users to want to use their Android smartphones. They publish their apps on Apple devices so why not for Microsoft’s.

It must be coming up to a year soon that Microsoft tried to bring YouTube to the Windows Phone platform, only to be shot down by Google. They may have violated their terms of use for the API but the fact is, people were happy and they were using a Google platform. If anything, Google shot themselves in the foot there. It caused a massive uproar in the Windows Phone community and many jumped ship on anything Google.

While I do love and use Internet Explorer 11, I’ve been using Google Chrome for a very long time and it became a part of many people’s lives. While I’m not expecting to ever see Chrome on Windows Phone, the fact is that you can’t use many of the nice web apps that Google offer using a Windows Phone device as it redirects to something that you would have seen nearly 10 years ago.

I have the option to connect my Google mail accounts into the in-built email system in both Windows Phone and Windows 8 which is good enough for me, but there are Hangout, YouTube, Maps, Drive and more that you can’t enjoy on the devices without some form of hacked together third-party application (which I am happy for the developer community to offer). The fact is though, official apps make a solid tie for the platforms they are on and will often get the full level of support of the ones on other devices when APIs are updated.

I hope that Google and Microsoft can come together to deliver to their consumers. Consumers like devices for different reasons and I’m not assuming that every Android user will run to Windows Phone if their favourite apps make their way onto the devices.

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