Fix for Lenovo G580 WiFi Issues on Windows 8

By 9th June 2013 143 Comments
Qualcomm Atheros AR9485WB-EG

Qualcomm Atheros AR9485WB-EG

So my girlfriend recently purchased a Lenovo G580 with Windows 8 pre-installed. When we turned on the laptop for the first time, it booted up and the wireless card wasn’t picking up any network connections at all even though I could connect on my Windows Phone. We moved the laptop right next to the router to see if it could find it and it did find it then.  Every time we moved away however, it would just disconnect. We thought that it could have been a driver issue so we took to the internet for a solution and guess what, we didn’t find one. However, we did see so many other people complaining about the same issue.

Here is your solution guys! If you’re having Lenovo G580 WiFi issues and your laptop comes with the Qualcomm Atheros WiFi card, it may be that the wires for the antenna aren’t connected properly. Every laptop I’ve ever had, the white cable has been the main cable and the black being the AUX. However, when we opened up the bottom of the laptop I noticed that they were the other way, and it also has them labelled to be the other way… So I just went ahead and switched those bad boys over and hurrah! The WiFi was picking up as it normally should with finding all connections in the area with full signal.

So for all people with a Qualcomm Atheros AR9485WB-EG wireless card or even if it’s just your Lenovo G580 playing up, please take a look at the cables for the device by opening up the bottom of your case. The wireless card looks like the picture above and should have two cables attached. Don’t worry, they aren’t soldered. They just click in so it is very easy to swap them over. Now this probably isn’t the right fix and maybe the way Qualcomm have labelled their card is correct, but this solved the issue with my girlfriends wireless on her Lenovo G580 with a Qualcomm Atheros AR9485WB-EG so please give it a good look and just swap them over. If it doesn’t work you can always swap them back.

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  • JJD says:

    The fix also works on an ideapad Z400 Touch. But oh man, big fat fingers and little bitty zif connectors…

  • Taylor says:

    ‘i may have compunded my problem. In an effort to resolve wifi issues, i uninstalled wifi drivers, now i m not able to figure out the re-install. Also, i cannont find how to switch on the wifi on my lenovo G500- i can see its off, problem is how to switch it on. any ideas on how i can fix m problem and get my wifi going?

    • James Croft says:

      I recommend you search for the drivers for your specific Wi-Fi module and install them. You can also go into the device manager, find the Wi-Fi module in there, right click it and update drivers which will search for you!

      Once they have been installed, I’m sure your Wi-Fi will come back on automatically.

  • darryl tan says:

    Anyone tried it on lenovo Y500 wireless card? I always get less than 3 bar for signal quality in the range of less than 50 meter range… Hope got anyone tried it and reply me soon …

  • Javier says:

    Hi James, I have a G580 (20150), yesterday i buyed it (sorry for my english, i speak spanish)… and wifi detects the networks with full power but I can’t connect to any network. It’s running the factory default os activated (windows 8)… may I have to swap the cables too or it could be dangerous? thank you very much! lenovo support really sucks… greetings from Argentina

  • Narfun says:

    Worked out for my Lenovo z500, thanks a lot!!!! πŸ˜€

  • Anonymous says:

    yes i get 3/5 signal while i am away from the router and it keeps dropping and disconnecting , i have y510p , will that work or y510p ?

    • James Croft says:

      The best way to find out is to try! πŸ™‚ If you’re getting a good signal though (3/5 is pretty okay) then I can’t see it being this issue.

      • I can not seem to comment on this article directly so here goes. I am so happy I I found this solution. I have been scouring the internet for a solution to wifi problems with my lenovo G500. I tried everything with no luck. Took like 15mins to open up my laptop and switch these wires. Once I turned it back on, my home wifi had a stronger wifi signal and now I am in a Starbucks using public wifi for the first time in months. :)))))))))) Thanks

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t know who you are or how I found this post, and I don’t want to jinx myself by speaking too soon, but I LOVE YOU. Thank you for ending eight months of torture.

  • JR says:

    Great job of figuring this out. We bought an ASUS SC400 for my wife approximately 6 months ago and have not been able to connect with wireless after several hours on the phone with ASUS, returning it to them once for a “fix”, and about to send it to them again. The wires were originally connected as you described on the G580. I switched them and am currently typing this as I stream music. Connection is now perfect. Thanks so much for sharing this.

    • JR says:

      BTW, didn’t mention this in my last post but the wireless card in the Asus SC400 is the same as the card in the G580: Atheros AR9485WB-EG. My guess is that Atheros made a mistake on the label with the wiring instructions and Asus/Lenovo/Other? manufacturers are simply connecting the wires to match the incorrect label.

  • Anonymous says:

    simple fix for difficult problem. makes a person wonder how they got it so wrong to start with.. don’t they road test anything b4 dumping it on the public? maybe the pres should have an oversite committee on all new computer products..

  • Terri says:

    Thanks so much. After windows sent an automatic update I lost wireless connection and Lenovo and Microsoft engineers worked with me for days trying to fix it. It wasn’t great before but I had it. I did this and I finally have a wireless internet connection again and don’t have to use Ethernet to connect. YEA! Surely Lenovo must know about this problem but they didn’t say anything about it.

  • Parimal says:

    Worked for me.

  • michael kotler says:

    YES!!! it worked for me too with my g500 lenovo laptop!! my cables were unplugged completely when i opened the laptop’so i simply connected them and it worked!!
    thanks so much

  • Frank says:

    Just tried it on an Asus K55N. Poor connectivity and reception compared to two other HP laptops, iPad and Android device. In the farthest room in my home, the Asus went from 1 bar at best, to 3 bars now after switching the wires!!! Awesome difference in reception!!! Also disabled the power saving feature that allows Windows to power off the wireless card to save power; too many issues restarting from hibernate or sleep. Thanks James! πŸ˜€

  • Menf says:

    Thank you for the advice James – it seems you helped a lot of people with this post! I did what you said and my G500 Wi-Fi works perfectly now. Actually the signal is so strong that it detects other networks that my other laptop Sony Vaio does not! God bless you!

    PS: I believe this is a major error for Lenovo, so many people being affected.

  • Patrick Pitso II says:

    I went to Restore in Control Panel and my settings got restored to a point before I had wifi problems. I didn’t open my laptop G580 like James Croft suggested. My laptop’s wifi seems to be normal so far. I probably would have used James Croft’s method as a last resort. Thank you for the suggestion, Mr Croft. I thought I’d mention an alternative that worked for me. Restoring your settings to a previous date’s configuration does not affect your recently saved files.

  • Hendrik says:

    Thank you!! This was so helpful, you really made my day. I just translated your advice to German and posted it with a link to this page.

  • tomtnt says:

    wow…I my case, i have tried all stuff about drivers and bluetooth stuff without sucess but this thread helped me. I opened the laptop and find that the black cable haven’t been connected. So I connected the black cable to the black rectangle sign and WORKS!. I know, you are switching cables, but in my case the problem was in bad connection of cable. That was enough to get fine signal of wifi. Cheap chinese stuff! Before that, my wifi worked just 1m at the router, more faraway the signal was very bad.

  • claire tindle says:

    thanks for the tip James our black lead wasn’t even connected

  • pete says:

    Cheers just tried your fix and worked a treat now picking up all wireless signals. Thank you so much.

    Why Lenovo can’t just put a simple fix online i have no idea.

  • Joe Collins says:

    Thanks for the post. I had the same problem and once the changes were made the signal is coming in loud and clear. Thanks immensely.

    Joe Collins

  • Luis says:

    Thank you so much for your help!!! this post was really helpful, I just bought a Lenovo G500 the past monday, and I also had wifi issues, Weak Signal reception, intermittent wireless issues and Frequent random disconnects. Now everything is great! I did what you said, I switched the wires and poof!! Problem solve!

  • HHH says:

    Was working on a relative’s new G500 and discovered the hideous WIFI issues. Found your blog and it fixed everything. Not only is it able to actually log into my wifi, it can find several others in the neighborhood. Thumbs up! Thanks!

  • sherin says:

    Ya It worked for me. Thanks for the tip

  • Lorraine says:

    I just tried this with my b 590& it’s working perfectly. Thanks so much!

  • Dimian says:

    could be a damaged cable. ive seen more than one of these laptops with just one black cable connect just fine.

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