Connecting to University of Hull eduroam on mobile devices

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I know that many students reading this will probably be computer science students and know how to connect to eduroam via Wi-Fi on a mobile device such as an Android device or Windows Phone, but it came to my attention that just because we do doesn’t mean everyone else does. I heard from a student that they went to ask at the IT helpdesk who had told them they couldn’t. Well that’s a lie and you can infact connect to eduroam over Wi-Fi without going through the “UoH_Wireless_Setup” hotspot as this has only been set up for iOS which I think is quite wrong.

To connect to Eduroam from your Android, Windows Phone or other non iOS device:

  1. Turn on your Wi-Fi
  2. While on campus, choose the connection option for eduroam (not UoH_Wireless_Setup)
  3. You will be prompted for a username and password. This is your university login number and your password for your account. For example: Username –, Password – userpass

And that’s it. As simple as that. It’s not complicated to get yourself connected on campus.

You can also set up your University E-mail account on your mobile device with the following settings:

  1. Navigate to your mobile e-mail client and add a new account with the “Exchange” option
  2. Enter your numbered e-mail address (i.e. and login password.
  3. On some devices you won’t initially get the option to add the domain and server for the Exchange. If you don’t see an option for adding “Advanced” detail or “More Options“, press OK on your phone until it fails and asks you to add more information.
  4. There should be a text box for entering “Domain” information. The address for this box is ““.
  5. There should also be a text box for entering “Server” information. The address for this box is ““.

Once you’ve entered that information, just save the account and your university e-mails will get synchronised to your phone!

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