Twitter overhauled with much deserved UX changes

By 17th January 2014 4 Comments
What does everyone think to the new Twitter UI design?

What does everyone think to the new Twitter UI design?

After some general browsing of Facebook this morning, I took to my Twitter browsing. I manage a few Twitter accounts (and would usually use TweetDeck for this) and had left myself signed in on our student newspaper’s Twitter account. When it loaded up however, I had noticed that they had updated the look of the website (unfortunately my account doesn’t seem to have received the new design yet).

Modern UI design is the way forward.

I usually keep out of touch with news that isn’t related to Windows Phone so I didn’t even realise that Twitter were updating their design but I’m glad they did. Having played around with Twitter’s new design, it doesn’t feel too different and won’t confuse its users unlike the updates that happen to Facebook. It just looks modern now.

Facebook's new layout

Why can’t I have this yet?

Hopefully this rollout of the new design to all Twitter users won’t take as long as the rollout of Facebook’s new interface is which I would rather much like to have now. While there aren’t many social media apps that have both a mobile app and website, I like when they have design consistencies across both.

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  • Andrew says:

    I agree entirely James. It took awhile for my profile to be updated with the new design after I first heard about, but when it was I did feel like it wasn’t too different and so still easy to use. What I don’t really get is why they’ve changed it? It worked (and looked), perfectly fine before. But, I’m just glad they aren’t as bad as facebook….

    • James Croft says:

      It did look rather dated though. I think they wanted to align the website with the mobile applications.

    • Andrew says:

      Sums up our throw away society right there. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it I say. It’s not exactly like there was an outcry because of the way it looked or that they were losing users because of the UI.

      • James Croft says:

        Does indeed. I do agree with the “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” saying though but I suppose it was broken in a sense that it didn’t fit with their new designs even though it functionally wasn’t broken.

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