As the title says, Spectra is an 8-bit racing game born from the minds of talented game developers, Gateway Interactive, from Platform Studios. Here’s a quick look at their new game featuring an awesome soundtrack from chip-tune artist, Chipzel, who also created the soundtrack for Super Hexagon!

As a bit of background on the team and their CEO, Louis Deane, they finished their university studies in Computer Science from the University of Hull last year and began their own start-up through Platform Studios, a home for indie game start-ups in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Spectra will immerse players into a futuristic, 8-bit world where Game Boy space ships exist. Yes, if you look extremely closely while trying not to fall off the edge or hit objects, you’ll notice that the spaceship you control is in fact a Game Boy which is very fitting for the accompanying music from Chipzel who uses old Game Boy consoles to create awesome 8-bit music, which you may have heard in the Super Hexagon games.

The idea of the game is to race along these fantastic procedural generated tracks to the sounds of Chipzel, avoiding obstacles, falling off the edge and collecting wire frame cubes for points against the clock. Don’t be fooled into thinking its a pretty easy game either. As the track progresses, you’ll soon notice an increase in speed making keeping yourself out of harms way very difficult.

The game is very well put together and the Gateway Interactive team should definitely be proud of what they have accomplished over the past year or so. The future looks bright for this young, talented start-up and we can only hope for some even better titles in the future. For now though, enjoy playing their awesome new game Spectra on Windows 8 for the low price of £2.59, and look out for future releases on Windows Phone and Xbox One. For you Windows Phone users, buy it now on Windows 8 and get it free on your Windows Phone when it becomes available as a universal app.

Download Spectra from the Windows Store

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