For those who follow my GitHub projects, you may be aware of a project I created called WinUX, originally codenamed Croft.Core. It is a collection of libraries that were built for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) that allowed developers to take advantage of additional helpers, extensions and controls outside of the core SDK provided by Microsoft.

WinUX Background

When the project first kicked off, I had in my mind that the project would always target UWP and would become a great toolkit for other developers to use. The project itself has done really well with overĀ 23,253 downloads across all of the available packages. Components of my library were even picked up on by Microsoft, seeing some of them incorporated into the UWP Community Toolkit! However, after a lot of thinking and talks with followers in the community, the demand for similar components for Xamarin spanning Android and iOS were requested.

This demand caused me to rethink the project entirely. The code was structured in a way that first in a UWP only world. I’d given the project a full name of ‘WinUX UWP Toolkit‘. At first, I renamed the project to ‘WinUX App Toolkit’ but given the effort required to strip back all of the existing components, split them out and rebuild them for Xamarin, I decided to kick off the project under a new group with a new name.

Welcome MADE App Components

Making App Development Easier

MADE Apps is a group for community application projects aiming to make app development easier with tooling which will umbrella projects such as WinUX. The project is currently being restructured and built with similar components for UWP, Android, iOS and Xamarin.Forms plus additional platforms including web under a new name called MADE App Components.

With this restructure though, this doesn’t mean that WinUX will disappear entirely at first. The NuGet packages will still be available to all, but only bug fixes will be applied until the migrating is fully complete. This means that all active development will now move over to the MADE libraries.

MADE would love to get feedback on the current state of the libraries which you can access either via theĀ pre-release versions of them available now to use on NuGet, or by tracking your requested components or issues on the GitHub site! If possible, it would be great to see you also contribute towards the efforts, helping this toolkit to grow across the app space.

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  • Wren says:

    Looking forward to trying out the MADE libraries. From what I’ve seen on your issue tracker, it looks like you’re going to be implementing a media playback control. I’ve seen a few of these available for Xamarin already but haven’t found one that is well built for it to be worth using yet. Hopefully your team can do a good job implementing one!

    • James Croft says:

      We are going to loosely base the implementation of the media playback on the one that is currently available in UWP. This means it will come with playback controls built in so you don’t have to build your own custom ones.

      It will also support the XPlat libraries which allow you to support APIs similar to Windows applications making it even easier to build for and understand.

      I’ll be posting more on the MADE project over the next few weeks as new features are added.

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