Birthday Celebrations!

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Monday 14th marked my 22nd Birthday and as I haven’t posted a personal post in a very long time, here goes!

A trip to Skegness

Last week, I took a trip to Skegness to see my family as both Hannah and I have so much work that we couldn’t go back for my actual birthday. Unfortunately, one of my brothers wasn’t able to come back (although he also lives in Hull too), but I did get to see my two younger brothers, one of which had come back from Lincoln University for the Easter holidays. While they were relaxing though, Hannah and I sat there working on our coursework but still managing to keep social with my parents. After all, that is what I went home for.


Our dog, Minnie!

Before you ask, no, I’m not wearing odd socks. In fact, one foot is mine and the other is Hannah’s. Every time I go home, with or without Hannah, Minnie (our dog) always looks for her first. She’s only known Hannah for nearly 3 years! She’s known me her whole life and isn’t bothered about seeing me at all.

Winthorpe Beach

It’s always empty on the beach up our end.

As a sort of tradition when Hannah and I go back to Skegness, we always go see my nan, go to the beach and get ice-cream and take a trip into Skegness. I’m pretty sure that Hannah prefers the ice-cream bit though as she always gets her favourite, whipped ice-cream with mini marshmallow bits. I bet you don’t see those regularly.

I enjoy going back home to see my mum and dad. As your university years increase, you sometimes find that you don’t go home as much as you used to. When I start work, I will have more time on the weekend to take trips to see my family… hopefully! Living in West Yorkshire next year means that it will be nearly 2 and a half hours to drive back to Skegness. Damn you Lincolnshire for your lack of dual carriage ways and too many tractors!

Back to ‘sunny’ Hull

‘Sunny Skegness’ is a phrase I hear a lot but never understand why. It’s never sunny anywhere in the UK! Surprisingly though, we’ve had some good weather recently and coming back to sun in Hull is uncommon. On nearly every occasion that I’ve come back to Hull from Skegness, it has rained as soon as I hit the A180 from Grimsby on the way to the Humber Bridge.

The day before my birthday, Hannah and I had made arrangements to go for a meal with one of our friends, Charlotte. Hannah picked this amazing American restaurant called Aunt Bibby’s Smokehouse and Saloon on Princes Avenue in Hull and what a choice! When I searched TripAdvisor for reviews, some people seemed disappointed with the service and complained that they couldn’t pay by card. I’m usually put off places by bad reviews, but as Hannah kept telling me, ‘the only people who will review somewhere are people with something to complain about and give them bad reviews’.

The Manwich

This burger is called the Fat Pig.

I’m glad that we decided to actually go though. I will never make judgements on bad reviews ever again! Yes, we did have to pay by cash unfortunately as for some reason, they don’t have the capability of card payments. Hopefully that gets fixed in the future but don’t let it put you off.

So, I had what’s called the “Fat Pig” burger. I wanted to try something different even though I’d never been here before. Usually I will go for a safe option because I know what I like and don’t like to try something new. I’ve gotten to that age where I know what I like but I went for it anyway! I’ve never eaten pulled pork before so I didn’t know what to expect. It wasn’t the tastiest thing I’ve ever had but it wasn’t bad. Definitely gave the burger some extra flavour.

The ‘Fat Pig’ contains the following:

  • 6oz beef patty
  • Cheese
  • Bacon
  • Pulled Pork
  • Onion Rings
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Burger sauce

You get a lot for £8.50. I could have gone for the ‘Lard Arse’ but I don’t think I could handle it. 12oz beef patty, chicken, cheese, pulled pork, bacon, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, and BBQ sauce? That’s far too much to eat.

Both Hannah and Charlotte got the ‘Pulled Boston Butt’ which was basically a bucket full of pulled pork with a side order of fries and one side of their own choice. When I say bucket, I do mean a bucket. It seemed like anything that was a side order came in either the tin (like above) or a form of small bucket. You can’t see it on the photo above but those chips are in a bucket.

The prices aren’t bad at all either. I usually only ever had one drink when I go out for a meal so all together my meal came to about £12. Speaking of drinks, you’ll find a large selection of American import beers. I’ve had a few US beers before so I went with a Brooklyn Lager.

April 14th… one year older

Waiting for Hannah to wake up so I could go round to open my presents felt like forever. I’m sure she did it on purpose to make me wait! I didn’t realise I had so many presents when I turned up though. I came back with some from my parents and brothers which I added to the collection.

Let’s take a look at what people got for me!


It’s definitely a computer science thing. Honest!

I don’t really know how to explain this. I suppose you called call me a ‘big kid’. Yeah, I can’t think of anyway of making this look like I’m not a big kid. So, it seems that it got out that I’m a Lego fan. It could be a computer science thing, I have no idea. I’ve always enjoyed Lego ever since I was little. Unlike most kids, I just never grew out of it.

There is so much imagination involved with Lego that it is suitable for all ages, even if the box does say 4+. Creativity is something that comes easily to someone who develops software and mobile applications, that’s how I can justify that I can still play with Lego!

Get your own copy of the Lego Ideas book

Hannah got me Ultimate Lego Ideas Collection set of books which contains three books. The three books are on minifigures, all about Lego and a book on ideas for your own creations. I’ve already been putting them to good use!

Lego Island

A tiny, Dragon inhabited island

Charlotte bought me the Brick Wonders book which contains a lot of cool ideas for making Lego versions of ancient, natural and modern architectures of the world. I definitely need more Lego to build some of the things in here! I won’t be buying more though as Charlotte was also getting rid of her Lego so she gave that to me! It must have been taking up room in her house and I can always put it to good use! Hopefully when I’ve grown up and have children, they too will love Lego meaning that I can buy more for them and we can make some awesome things together!

Body Care

Most would sigh at this. I see this as, I don’t need to worry about running out of deodorant and after shave now! Thanks to my brother for the Ice Dive and Hannah’s Aunt for the Topman spray and shower gel!


A new t-shirt and socks. I am in need of both.

When I went home, I had only taken one pair of socks like a numpty. The worse part was that I had taken ones with holes in. I’m so glad that my parents bought me some more. I don’t know how I always manage to get holes in my socks.  Hannah’s parents also got me this Ben Sherman T-shirt. Will come in handy for the holidays!

Home cooking

Home cooking with Gordon Ramsay!

Since Hannah and I started our relationship, I grew an interest in cooking mainly so that I could cook for her. I knew how to make pasta for myself because that’s the number one skill for a student but I like to make something nice for Hannah. I even come up with my own spins on recipes which always end up coming out well.

In June, I will be moving out of my student house into my first proper home with Hannah as we don’t currently live together. That means that I need to grow up and with money, I will be able to eat properly again! That means I need some awesome cooking recipes. I’ve been watching Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking on Channel 4 recently and although I will never be the cook that he is, I wanted to try some of the recipes he was cooking up. I spotted this book in Waterstones where Hannah works when I went to pick her up after she finished. Hannah must have noticed I was looking at it and told her parents that I might like it and voilà. There it is! I can’t wait to start cooking proper meals!

DIY Lomography Camera

Build your own camera? Yes please!

What you see before you is a DIY SLR camera kit. Before you ask, yes, it is a real camera that takes film. Hannah told me about this when I was writing up my Perfect Gifts for your Geeky Valentine article for our student newspaper, The Hullfire. I actually liked it so much that I was going to buy one. Hannah beat me to it though and got me one for my birthday!


A trip on a steam train?!

Like I’ve already stated, I’m a big kid. I am still a huge fan of trains and would gladly travel on them everywhere if they didn’t cost so much. I’ve never experienced travel on a steam train though and I know that there is the National Rail Museum that I wanted to visit to see some but Hannah went one step above! Hannah and I will be travelling to Whitby on a North Yorkshire Moors Railway train.

My parents gave me money for my birthday which I will be putting towards our trip so we can have an amazing day!

Brownie and Brownie Milkshake

Brownie Milkshake with an Oreo Brownie!

Hannah made my birthday so amazing, even though we both had to get coursework done. We went to Blondes to have a brownie and a milkshake. She even bought me a cake! Due to how much work we both have, she didn’t get change to bake me one but I didn’t mind. She made a good choice for cake though, chocolate with Rolos, Smarties and Munchies!

I had an amazing birthday and hope that everyone is having a great day! Look out for more personal blog posts in the future!

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