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Tinned Spam

Because everyone loves spam, right?

As I believe, WordPress installations come with Akismet pre-installed. As I’m not a fan of the usual “bloatware” that comes bolted on to nearly everything today, I uninstalled Akismet without really reading what it was doing for my WordPress website when I first set it up. Then the spam started (not of the tinned variety).

I’m not a fan of either variety of spam.

While the first few months of using WordPress without Akismet only saw a couple of spam comments per week, I was wrong to uninstall Akismet. After a year or so of not using the plugin, I noticed the increase of spam comments were growing at a rate faster than you’d expect from such a small, personal website. So I re-installed Akismet after searching for the best spam solutions for WordPress websites and I haven’t regretted it since.

Akismet Spam Statistics

27,949 spam comments captured by Akismet

While managing a few spam comments a week seemed reasonable, I don’t think I could be dealing with nearly 30,000. My website saw a rise from nearly 4000 spam comments in 2012 to 22,500 in 2013. Akismet has already captured nearly the same number of spam comments from 2012 in this month alone!

Now while the plugin will sometimes let through some spam comments which it hasn’t filtered before it is very unlikely that it will happen and when it does, you can select the comments and tag them as spam. Akismet will pick up these as now being spam comments and will filter them in the future.

If you already have a self-hosted WordPress blog or are thinking of setting one up, don’t uninstall Akismet. If you don’t have it already, search for it in your WordPress admin control panel under the Plugins section and install it. You’ll then be able to enjoy your spamless website!

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