Why don't you rate your apps people?

Why don’t you rate your apps people?

Why don’t people rate the applications that they download to their mobile devices?

This is speaking generically and not just towards Windows Phone itself, but it just seems that people don’t rate applications unless they have something to complain about. Yes, you’ll see the most downloaded applications with good ratings but what about the individual developers that put a lot of effort into their apps which become hidden in the marketplace for the lack of ratings? They need some love too.

Ratings and feedback from the users of applications helps developers make their applications better, especially in the case of the independent developers such as myself. While I’m not saying that the apps that I have on the Windows Phone or Windows 8 stores are apps that everyone should download, I know they are being downloaded but not rated. What does that mean to me though? Well it means that I don’t know what features to improve or add into the application to suit the thousands of users who have my apps installed on their phones and this is the same for every other developer who has apps on the marketplace with one or two ratings.

Personally, I like rummaging through all the new and hidden apps that pop up on my Windows Phone and will have a play with them. I will then go on to judge whether I will use it again and if I will, then I will rate it regardless of whether it’s actually good or not. If it has potential, then show the developers that it needs work but it is good. It’s no good rating an app 1 star and then leaving a rating of “I don’t like it”. TELL US WHY!?

Another option here for developers is to do the annoying thing and add a pop-up in your application that will show on the 5th use saying “Would you like to rate this application?”. It immediately draws attention to the fact the user hasn’t rated your application yet and to use the app they will either have to give it a rating or just not. It’s a simple method and it works but it shouldn’t be up to the developers to force users to rate applications.

So, the next time you download an application, remember to head over to the store and rate it, whether you like it or not!

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