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Building a .NET Micro Framework robot from scratch

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I have looked at parts for a .NET Micro Framework robot as part of a project for my last year at university. It looks like it is going to cost around £200 for the parts that I want to get to build the robot. After building it, I will be spending many hours coming up with ideas for projects with the robot using Windows Phone and Kinect.

.NET Micro Framework Robot Checklist

The current list of items I might be using in my project include:

This is only a work in progress list and I will be adding a few more modules to it. Even if I don’t end up using the robot for my last year project, I will still buy the parts as building and developing with the .NET Micro Framework has become a hobby of mine. Many thanks to Rob Miles for putting on a great Electronics and Interfacing module at the University of Hull as well as getting me into this expensive hobby.

If you are interested in developing with the .NET Micro Framework, you can take a look at kits and modules here: http://www.coolcomponents.co.uk/catalog/kits-c-104.html

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