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Developing using Kinect and .NET Micro Framework

By 24th February 2012 No Comments

Thanks to Rob Miles, I seem to have become addicted with .NET Micro Framework, in particular, .NETMF robots. Gladly, I get my fix every Tuesday and Thursday at university with his very own Electronics and Interfacing module.

So to the point, today I came up with an idea to use the Xbox 360 Kinect sensor, running the Kinect for Windows SDK, to control a .NET Micro Framework robot using speech recognition sending data through a COM port. I don’t know where this idea came from but all I remember is I was thinking of projects for my third year and my mind ran off to better things.

To start-up with Kinect, I transferred code that I had previously wrote for a .NET Micro Framework controller and plugged it into a console application which runs the Kinect’s microphone API to detect phrases. If I say “Move Forward”, the Kinect picks this up and sends results to the robot to make it move forward. At the moment, the commands are very limited but it is possible to expand it.

Currently I can tell my robot to “Move Forward”, “Move Backward”, “Turn Left”, “Turn Right”, “Stop” and “Check Temp” which all do what they say on the tin*

Here is a screenshot for you all to look at:

I wonder where I will go with this….

*For those confused by Check Temp, it checks the temperature using a thermometer 3-pin e-block for the robot.

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