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Now I know that I probably don’t use my blog to its fully advantage, but it’s great to get people out there reading about stuff you’re doing or have done before. As a computer scientist, I think that the blogs I post about my programming and stuff I’m currently working on are great. They let other people find out about how I’m doing it, and then they can leave comments and ask for code sources or help with their own project.

It seems that there are quite a few people from the university who blog that are computer science students. We even have our own site which shows blog posts from most students who blog in the department. But I feel that it’s a good idea for all students, not only CS ones, to write a blog. I recently helped my girlfriend to set up her own free blog through WordPress. She was a bit unsure as to what to do at first, so I was helping her with how to put pictures in and all about tags and categories. Now shes loving it. She posts a blog at least once a day, and because shes a Creative Writing (English) student, she blogs about the books she has read and gives a small review. I think that its great to get other people using blogs.

I think it should be the mission of CS students to get everyone blogging in the university! It’s great to increase your writing abilities and it’s always nice to have people who have the same interests as you reading your work and leaving a nice comment.


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