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Nintendo provided everyone worldwide the opportunity to have a look at the latest home game console from the brilliant company! They have given quite a lot away tonight. The one thing that they seem to be pushing is social networking in a “Miiverse” which was described as a made up word combining the words “Mii” and “Universe” which seemed simple to work out and didn’t really need the description.

For all those who aren’t / haven’t watched the video yet, I’m sure it will still be up on UStream here:

The idea is definitely set around social networking and the people much like the original Wii was supposed to be but more in a home situation, where is this is bringing friends and family together. The “Miiverse” allows everyone to keep connected, see what games they are playing and even discuss with each other what they are doing in the game. A quick clip also showed some in-game discussion which shows up while you are playing. These feeds will also be available for viewing on a mobile application (probably just a website you have to browse to), 3DS and PC!

If you have seen any of the previous demonstration videos of what the Wii U will play like, you will have noticed some features which it doesn’t look like Nintendo are taking out like using the “GamePad” as a video device to video chat with people, as well as playing the Wii U without the Wii U being on your main TV! Well another little feature they showed off was being able to use the pad as an actual TV remote using some simple built in IR.

So far the controller looks a lot better than previously and the console looks like it will be worth purchasing. Let’s hope that it comes out at around £250!

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