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As many people will know if they purchased the recent Humble Bundle, LIMBO was one of the games included in the bundle! I’ve wanted to play LIMBO for a long time now and never got round to purchasing it, so I didn’t mind snapping it up with this amazing bundle. I know that I am probably quite late for reviewing LIMBO or even the Humble Bundle as it has finished now, but I am going to do it anyway!

I’ve not finished the game yet, but I thought I would review it so far. I’ve got about an hour into it and I’ve got to say that I am absolutely enjoying it. It’s exactly how I expected it to be.

Quick review on LIMBO ( Steam / PC )

So for a bit of background on LIMBO, it’s basically a puzzle solving platformer game which has some awesome artwork! The way the game plays reminds me of a flash game that I also used to enjoy playing called “Little Wheel” which I think people should have a play so check that out!

In the game you play as this boy who “explores” Limbo who will die quite often but that’s the fun of the game unless you’re like me who sees things before I have to die and solves the puzzle. Although some of the puzzles that you will face in the game are very challenging (I won’t give anything away so you can play it for yourself!) you will find that you will start getting a hang of the way the game is unfolding and it will become easier to play (well for me so far this has been the case).

I don’t know personally how long the game is and I didn’t want to rush it all in one day so I’ve only played a small amount of the game so that I can keep coming back to it because I am really enjoying it!

The game has amazing visuals and the way the game is itself will have you wanting to play more! I hope that a LIMBO 2 is in the works so that by the time I get round to finishing the first one I will have something to look forward to. Although I can see myself playing through this game multiple times and still enjoying it!

Unfortunately the Humble Bundle has finished until next time, so you will have to get LIMBO in the Steam store or somewhere else, but I would recommend buying it. I wish I had bought it earlier…


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