The latest update to the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL has brought some great new features to the StreetPass Mii Plaza including 4 new mini-games, new puzzles, a ticket exchange booth and a complete new design.

The new games to the Plaza are:

  • StreetPass Squad, a game very similar to StreetPass Quest however it is in space! You are part of a space police group and you have a mission to save the galaxy from a group of space skeletons!
  • StreetPass Garden, a game where you move into a little house in a town called Leafington (sounds like Animal Crossing so far). However, your job is to become a master gardener.
  • StreetPass Battle, a strategy game, very similar to Risk, where you must gather your StreetPass army to conquer the world! One cool feature to this is that if you pass someone who has 100 units in their army, you gain 100 units too!
  • StreetPass Mansion, a game which sends you on an investigation as a detective in a mystery haunted house! Its a bit like Luigi’s Mansion meets Cluedo with the additions of StreetPass Quest battles!
New StreetPass games for Nintendo 3DS

New StreetPass games for Nintendo 3DS

Each of these games cost £4.49 in the UK or you can get a combo pack which is £13.49. The update should be available to all Nintendo 3DS users now!

Along with these new games in the update, you also get a fresh new look to the Plaza itself. Here is a picture of what the new play area looks like:

New Plaza design on Nintendo 3DS

New Plaza design on Nintendo 3DS

Also, if you play Animal Crossing: New Leaf and would like to add me to your friends, my Nintendo 3DS friend code is 2320-6150-1932. Let me know what your code is too so I can add you!

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