I’ve always been a fan of the Halo game series and Halo Spartan Assault is another great one to add to the collection. As of today, Spartan Assault is available to download from the Windows 8 Store for £4.99. You can also get it on Windows Phone (links at the bottom of the article)

A different gaming experience

While many Halo fans will be flocking to the Windows Store to buy Spartan Assault, you may find yourself in a different gaming experience with this new game. To make the game perfect for Windows Phone and Window 8, the game has been made with a top-down third-person level design which will be unfamiliar to Halo fans who are used to the first-person look of the Xbox console versions. Don’t be put off though, I have played the game for about an hour and you quickly get into the game whether you are using a touch-screen tablet or your laptop/desktop PC using a keyboard and mouse. I haven’t had a chance to install the game on my Acer Iconia tablet yet, however the controls for keyboard and mouse are perfect using the traditional keys for moving and mouse for shooting. You may find that when you install the game for the first time, the settings will be preset to tablet but you can quickly go into the settings and change that to the comfort of your keyboard and mouse.

Halo Spartan Assault - Scorpion Tank

Halo Spartan Assault – Scorpion Tank

What you get with Spartan Assault

Currently the game has 25 missions for you to complete as part of the Spartan Ops program against the Covenant. You will also get Xbox achievements so you can show off to your friends just how awesome you are and make them feel jealous. They may even turn to Windows 8 just to play some of the great games available! There will also be weekly challenges for you to complete, get exclusive customisations for Halo 4 and you can also compete against your friends on the leaderboards for each mission. You can even drive vehicles!

Download Halo Spartan Assault from the Windows Store

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